AKAI - the web layout of a new engineers union

My old boss contacted me and placed an order for a web layout for a new union that was being founded. They had the coder to back me up and so I went to work to create the layout. Even though the final layout isn't as fancy and sexy as a designer would like, it's actually exactly what the client wanted. And the thing that I'm very proud of is that before we began the client could not say precisely what the page should look like, I was able to ask the right questions and by the end of the meeting the idea had crystallized. Just to make sure I did make two mock up layouts (the other far more streamlined and cool) but the idea drawn with the marker on plain paper still held strong! Another thing that I'm particularly proud of that we spent a lot of time on figuring out how the site should mold itself to fit all the different devices and still remain reasonably the same and readable. And immediately, before the whole page was ready they wanted to utilize the little icon for social media that I had created on a whim! Hilarious!

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