We did a series of posters to promote the public knowledge of psoriasis and to show that there's nothing to be ashamed of if one has it. Many can live fairly normal life and with proper treatment and latest discoveries even more and more people have a chance to get better. With careful planning and amazing pictures by Jari Härkönen, we pulled of a very impressive campaign!
This the second poster for the psoriasis campaign and this we did in swedish.
The third one we did for young people. Your smile is contagious, psoriasis isn’t!
To celebrate their 40th anniversary the union arranged a big concert with big local artists as guests. And they asked me to do something different that we have not tried before.
When the union celebrated their 40th anniversary, they ordered a special anniversary version of their logo from me. We did one round and one wide and both also in the other official language, swedish.
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